Student Executive Board organized outdoor activity "City tour"

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

On 21/01/2018, the Student Executive Board of Luong Van Can Fund successfully organised the “City Tour” for the scholarship recipients. The activity was held with a view to building up team spirits, boosting understanding among the members and helping the students relax after a semester of hard work.
The activity comprised 4 stations situated in various locations in District 1. Each station combined games requiring the students to demonstrate their teamwork and strategic thinking skills in order to overcome the challenges.
Additionally, “City Tour” was in close attachment to one of the Community Projects (from Mentorship Program). After surmounting the obstacle in each station, the students were instructed to make a product from waste materials, which promoted their awareness about environmental protection.
Exhausted as they were after the challenges, everyone all felt fascinated and enjoyed the particularly memorable morning.

Hinh 1

                                               The students excitedly took part in the joyful games

Hinh 2
                                             Everyone took photos with their recycled products

Hinh 3
                                     These activities enhanced mutual understanding among the members