Luong Van Can Fund organised “Emotional Balance” Successive Training

Tuesday, 02 April 2019

Perceiving the significance of emotional balance in personal development, Luong Van Can Fund did collaborate with CHUM and One Life Connection in organising a course called “Emotional Balance”. The course taking place on every Sunday morning in a continuous 5 weeks succeeded in deepening students’ understanding of their own consciousness and how to manage emotion effectively.

The first day of the course happened on March 24, 2019 when the scholarship recipients, with the help of Ms Phuong Anh, were instructed to “The Brain Autonomy” which enacted thinking simultaneously while people are walking. That kind of unconcentration was also the main cause in efficience reduction and the feeling of peacelessness. From that basis, the term ‘consciousness’ was initiated with the prime principle of being relaxed and aware of what was on current progress without complaints and judgements.

DSC07808The first lesson of the successive training

During the second day of the course, the students delved deeper into mechanism of stress and how to handle it. Ms Luong Ngoc Tien, the lesson instructor, suggested considering stress an experience and that they should be alert of the movement of feelings within the mind and never assimilate the stress into our own properties. After that, all the class took part in practicing some meditation, observing their own breath and discussing over life pressure.
The third lesson was led with conscious communication presented by Ms Phuong Anh.

DSC07817Meditation helps balance the emotions

According to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, the most precious gift we gave to the ones we love was our presence in a trule way, which meant we were conscious of what we were saying and how it might affect our partners. Additionally, conscious listening was also about comprehending the inner messages conveyed via verbal and non-verbal languages.

DSC07818Students practiced conscious communication

In the fourth day of the succession, the scholars focused on how to deal with strong emotions with the technique of SNACK, namely “Stop – Notice – Accept – Curious – Kindness”. People should stop at what they were doing, perceive and accept them with no judgements being made, aiming at being kind with themselves and in relationship with others.

The final day with Ms Tien inspired the students with self-love and self-care. The course eventually ended cherishingly that myriads of positive energy had been spreaded to students on their progressive journey.
Accompanied by the course for nearly a month, Luong Van Can students were given an opportunity to acquire more knowledge, skills as well as life experience.

DSC07910The participants are well equipped with the ability to evoke positive emotions