Luong Van Can Fund started Mentorship Program for the new school year

Monday, 29 October 2018

On Saturday 27/10/2018, Mentor Meetup – the initial activity belonging to Luong Van Can Fund’s Mentorship program (academic year 2018-2019) was officially launched. The activity welcomed the participation of LVCF’ scholarship recipients as well as its mentors – who are experienced in various fields and willing to support LVC students in the incoming journey.

The meeting was led off with the explicit interpretation of the program’s structure and orientation. With the assistance of their mentors, Luong Van Can students were anticipated to carry out private meetings and community projects, from which they were to perfect themselves in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. Additionally, this year each mentor takes charge of instructing a maximum of 4 mentees in order to ensure effectiveness and constant interactions.

The ebullient discussion at the end of Meetup gave mentors and mentees a chance to thoroughly understand each other's wishes and aspirations. Luong Van Can students do hope to learn and develop themselves professionally on the foundation of knowledge, opportunities and experiences from their mentors. On the other hand, mentors have also been looking forward to initiative, positive and honest mentees, from which they could build up a bilaterally long-lasting connection.

The Meetup let everyone enjoy memorably exhilarating moments together, which promised a dynamic and effective school year.

DSC06782Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao – Luong Van Can Fund’s Vice President – gave an overview of Mentorship’s purposes and orientation

DSC06882Mentors and mentees discussed their expectation

DSC06958Mentors and Mentees were categorized according to academic major

DSC06919The meetup was successful in creating close-knit atmosphere