Luong Van Can Funds has organized the talkwhow "University Study Strategies”

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

In order to foster freshmen and sophomores’ skills to study effectively at universities, Luong Van Can Fund has invited Mr.Hoang Minh Thong - lecturer at the Department of International Relations in Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities to give presentation and instruction about the topic “university study strategies”. The talkshow took place at Norfolk Hotel on 25/11/2017.
During the program, speaker set many questions for Luong Van Can students, inquired them to get involved with teamwork and presenting their own ideas, as well as provided students with interesting instructions about reading, note-taking and time management skills. However, the speaker did not give any exact answers to the questions. He posed a variety of ways and choices , emphasizing that it was ourselves that pushed us towards right directions.
The talkshow succeeded in generalizing the students’ viewpoints about their main goals, helping them avoid getting lost in the new academic environment - university level, as well as giving students important notes about preparation for the four year undergraduate period and career path in the job market after graduation.


Mr. Hoang Minh Thong sharing university study strategies.

Students presenting their ideas and viewpoints to the speaker’s questions

3Luong Van Can students and Mr.Hoang Minh Thong taking a picture together at the end of the talkshow