Luong Van Can Fund conducted "Professionalism" Training Session

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”, said Aristotle. This saying is true, especially for students who are perfecting themselves with knowledge and skills in order to perform professionally in their future jobs. Perceiving such a significance, Luong Van Can Fund organised a training session covering the topic of Professionlism on Sunday, November 19th, 2018. Come sharing with the students was Mr. Le Nguyen Duy Hau, a lawyer at Duane Morris LLP and one of the initial mentors of the Fund.

During the session, the scholarship recipients were provided with a deeper insight into the terms ‘professionalism’ regarding its definition, purposes as well as the orientation for further practice. According to the speaker, a professional officer is the one who could engender confidence in colleagues and collaborators so as to maximise working efficiency.

Simultaneously, students also need to invest in communication skills and learn to behave accordingly, for which the Three-A Model including Appearance, Attitude and Activation was employed as a specification.
• Appearance: the state of being clean and neat will create a good impression on our co-workers. Nevertheless, it should be applied in accordance with personal financial conditions as well as communication/working context.
• Attitude: It is required that students have to flexibly apply suitable communication method in different contexts such as email, phone or face-to-face interaction.
• Activation: Be professional on the social media. Students should be careful whenever they want to show off themselves or provide others’ information on the Internet.

The training session was supplemented with some practices in which the participants had a chance to expose themselves to realistic working scenarios. Thanks to Mr. Duy Hau’s effective incorporation of multitudinous intriguing activities and scientific explanations, LVCF students can establish a stable foundation for self-training towards professionalism.

DSC07200Mr. Le Nguyen Duy Hau was sharing about professionalism to LVC Students

DSC07200The students practised answering email professionally

DSC07200The training attracted numerous participants