Luong Van Can Fund conducted “CV and Job Interview” training session

Monday, 05 March 2018

In the modern highly competitive job market, CV Writing and Job Interview skills play crucial role in highlighting an applicant and increasing his chance of getting recruited. Acknowledging this need, Luong Van Can Fund organized the “CV and Job Interview” training session on 03/03/2018 at Norfolk Hotel for the scholarship recipients. The speaker of the event was Ms. Nguyen Minh Ngoc - HR Professional of Schneider Electric Vietnam Company.

Thanks to the real-life experiences shared by the speaker, along with her open-ended questions, Luong Van Can students had opportunity to approach and equip themselves with knowledge about CV, Resumé and Job Interview skills. Besides getting insights into types of CV and the mind of recruiters, students also hold a general view of the whole process through a short video. The program occurred in a stimulating and exciting atmosphere.

This was one of the frequent activities organized by Luong Van Can Fund besides its financial assistance. The program gave students ideal opportunity to practice skills they were trained before such as teamwork, critical thinking and public speaking.

DSC03932                                                       The speaker introduced some CV writing tips

DSC03999                                          Students actively got involved in the group discussion

DSC03974                                       … and presented their ideas to the speaker and other peers

DSC04023                                  The training session equipped students with useful and practical skills.