Luong Van Can Fund carried out Job Interview Simulation

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Interview response for the time beings is regarded as one of the most prominent factors for applicants to make good impression on the recruiters. With a view to helping Luong Van Can scholars prepare for these important moments, conducted a session of Job interview simulation on the morning of Saturday, 06/04/2019. The attendees of the session were mostly junior and senior students who were about to partake in the job market.

About 3 weeks prior to the event, the participants were asked to make a complete curriculum vitae for the position they aimed at, which was also the initial step in the application process and required professionalism to the utmost.

The job sectors demanded were then categorised into electronics, technology, economy, law, education, etc from which guest interviewers majoring in such areas were invited by the Fund. Additionally, information regarding the companies was also provided some days before the appointment so that the students could figure out and make meticulous preparations, from appearance, clothings to answers to some common questions.

Each session lasted for about 45 to 60 minutes in which either English or Vietnamese was employed covering the topics of interviewees’ personal information, strength and weakness, specialised knowledge, future orientation as well as problem solving skills. After the session finished, the students would receive feedbacks about their CVs and performance.

“This activity provides me with features of a good CV, such as clarity, conciseness and the evaluation and choice of significant achievements that suit the jobs’ requirements. We learn not to scram all information into the CV and listen carefully to comprehend the recruiters’ questions to come out with the most center-focused answers” said a scholarship recipient.

This activity engaged students not only because of the practicality it offered, but also because of invaluable lessons withdrawn from the interesting experience.

Each group was interviewed in a specific place and time

DSC08115The job sectors in the session ranged diversely from economy, technology to law and education

The activity facilitated junior and senior students with practical experience before entering the workforce