A culture of giving

In developed countries, outside of such social institutions as family units, religious organisations, schools and universities, each individual also traditionally selects a number of charitable and/or social institutions to which he or she provides continuous support through his or her service and donations, in order to contribute to making society a stronger, more benevolent place.

A common thread between “strong” countries, whether it is a nation of 300 million people such as the United States or one with under 10 million such as Sweden, is that they do not depend solely on their natural resources or economic growth for their strength. The third factor consists of the miniscule contributions coming from each and every one of their citizens that together build up the strength of the nation: the CULTURE OF GIVING.

In Vietnam, charitable activities come in the form of small, sporadic gifts, donated by reluctant individuals coerced into participating in fundraising events, rather than as a regular, voluntary pursuit ingrained in cultural values.
Within this nation of 90 million Vietnamese citizens, if a small percentage of individuals were to give up a monthly bowl of pho, or a single concert ticket to instead donate those expenses to a scholarship foundation, we could change the fates of countless intelligent, but underprivileged, students across the nation.

The LVC Fund is a legal entity established by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee as a non-profit and non-governmental organisation. The Fund engages in fundraising efforts to draw support from both domestic and international organizations, corporations, and individuals in order to provide young Vietnamese talent with access to world-class educational systems, while also aiding underprivileged children in their academic pursuits. We believe that with your keen support, Luong Van Can Fund will become a vital establishment for nurturing young Vietnamese talent.