In order to achieve its vision and mission, Luong Van Can Fund focuses on awarding of Scholarships:

Postgraduate scholarships: awarded to outstanding individuals for the pursuit of studies at universities in Australia and other countries around the world

Scholarships for Vietnamese Universities: aimed at supporting candidates with underprivileged backgrounds who wish to continue their studies at the university level in Viet Nam

Depending on each case, Luong Van Can Fund will evaluate each student to determine the level of scholarship eligibility and award different packages, including partial and/or full tuition and/or living expense coverage for the duration of study. Additionally, Luong Van Can Fund will partner with domestic and international universities to award full and partial scholarships to students. Scholarship awards will be evaluated on an annual basis to ensure fairness and transparency.

Apart from financial support, Luong Van Can Fund helps students improve Mindset - Attitude - Skills - Knowledge through training activities such as:

Mentorship program: The program aims at connecting students with mentors who have professional skills in the same aspect. They provide students with orientation to self and career as well as give advices about life.

Foreign language class: Luong Van Can Fund designs and conducts English courses which are suitable for its students. The courses help them improve their English skills, integrate confidently, get more job opportunities and study abroad after graduation.

Soft skills training: Luong Van Can Fund offers intensive training courses to students such as: communication skills, guide to studying in university, teamwork skills, CV writing skills and Interview.

Company tour: Luong Van Can Fund cooperates with some enterprises so that its students have chance to visit companies and experience the professional working environments.

Cohesive activities: Luong Van Can Fund organizes camping trips and team building programs annually to welcome new scholarship recipients and connect them together.